Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Ruby's Mini Cupcake /Cookie Holder (aka Laney's Box)

Hi! Here is my newest box! This is where it all started one month ago, with the original single cupcake box. I thought for my one month anniversary for my blog and in honor of my little Laney's Birthday, I came up with a Mini single cupcake box. Someone on the board asked for one, so I thought it would be fun too, but I never heard back from her about it after I emailed her. So I created a minature of the original. It also has the cupcake insert so it holds your cupcake in place! You can alo use this as a cookie box. Just dont cut the circles in the insert and place your cookie on the insert. These would be perfect for a tea party, or for parties for kids! The difference between this box and the other is this is made with Plantin SchoolBook, and the scallop on the top is made with Mini Monograms. Hugs.
Cut File

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Peek-A-Boo-Easter Card

Hi I just finished this Peek-A-Boo- Easter card tonight. It is a three panel card that you can insert a bunny chocolate inside. Cute little treat to give away. This is perfect for lots of holidays. I can see it at Halloween, Christmas and Valentines! I added pop dots on each side of the panel after I put the bunny in and that helps keep it level inside. Carts used were George, Accent Essentials and Plantin Scrapbook. Hope you like this :) Hugs!

Bunny Kisses

Here is something new I worked on last night. It is called Bunny Kisses. You fill the Bunny's body with chocolate kisses! Made with white cardstock, he has cute bouncy feet on both sides. I use the 3-d pop dots to make them stick out a bit. Same with the nose. The flower is a punch I used and then added a rhinestone. Glue a sparkly white pom pom in the back. Carts I used were George, Plantin Schoolbook and the mouth was Alphalicious. You can draw the mouth though or use another W in another font. I did have to trim the w for the mouth nad also the leaves for the ears and pink inserts for the ears. Hopefully PC will come out with some kind of a split tool and it would help :)

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Carrot Box

Hi here is the new Carrot Box I created tonight. I made it with Orange Polka Dot Paper and a green polka dot ribbon for accent. Darcie's stamp of course! You can use this for any occasion not just Easter! It can just be a triangle box as well. You can make it a Birthday Goody too! The top opens up and you can put in candy. It was fun to make. I have to go clean now, boo. Thanks for stopping by again. This is also a Monthly Kit. Join in on the fun...Subscribe today!Hugs.

Life is Like a Bowl of Cherries (Ruby's Tie Up Box)

Hi well I came up with another one. I decided to do a Cherry theme. I have way too much Easter in this page lol. I love the paper and this box is so fun. I like to use ribbon so I decided a tie up box would be a nice new one. :) Still working on it, but it's almost there. The box has windows on both sides so you need that acetate. The inside is filled with Hershey Nuggest that are wrapped with coordinating pattern paper. Thanks again for stopping by! This is part of the Monthly Kits Project. A different tag is included with this Kit.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Egg Box

Okay I spent all night making this one. A Stampin' Up gal I know create one like this and I liked it so much I though how cute would that be for an Easter Goodie! But it took me forever to perfect it. I put Dove Chocolate eggs in them. They are my favorite. The inside has openings to put the eggs so the eggs sit in there like they are in an egg carton. Soooo cute! The stamp of course is Darcie's. She is my favorite and is one of the nicest ladies you will meet on this earth. She's a grandma too and you would never even know it because she looks so young. Check out here stamps they are great! I use them a lot. Well I have to create a doc file for this so I will catch up to you guys later...Hugs my friends. Oh by the way, I used acete in the window of the top, you know I love that acetate. I am going to go buy some more today. LOVE IT!

Cut File

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Box Full of Bunnies

Well.....Bunnies have multiplied at my house. Here is my latest, a Treat Box filled wth chocolate bunnies. Their bodies ae chocolates! These are so cute to give to kids in the classroom and very inexpensive to make. I had so much fun creating them. The box is a cut file, as is the handle and scallope. All created in George of course! The bunny on the front is a stamp!~ Hugs....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Thank You!!!

Thanks to my many supporters. I wanted to let you guys know that donated for the Easter Treat Holders I will be adding you to a special e-mail list and periodically be sending out special .cut files. Just a thank you for your support. You are allowing me to buy more paper to create more files and I appreciate it so much! Thank you!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

New Treat Set Available!

So many people have emailed me and asked me if they could have my Treat Holder Set so here it is. If you are interested in this set, I am accepting donations. This helps pay for mats, paper etc. so I can continue to create and share. Also you will be added to my private email list for .cut files that will be sent out periodically. There is a Donate button below the first picture. Just click on it. Thanks for all your support. Many nice friends I have met through this blog :) Hugs.....

Monday, March 3, 2008

New CD Holder

Hi I have just come up with a fancy CD Holder Case. You know, you make a cute CD for a friend or soccer team and you just don't want to use a white ugly cd case? Well this is it! Create your own on your Expression Machine! This .cut file works best with regular paper and not cardstock. I use acetate in the center. You can go to any paper supply and pick that up. They even call it book cover I think. Thanks for looking!